Monday, December 12, 2005

Batman Begins 4 out of 5

After 4 films with differing leads and creative teams the WB has finally got the elements together to create a Batman film that is truly entertaining but still fateful to the Batman comic book legacy. It wasn't too dark and dour like the first two films or two campy or over the top like Schumacher films. This film struck the perfect balance.

I think one of the best moves for this film was the casting of Christian Bale as Wayne/Batman as he was the first who was able to be successful in playing both Batman and Bruce Wayne (easily the best portrayal of all the Batman’s). The supporting cast of Oldman (Gordon), Caine (Alfred) and Neeson in his typical mentor role bring depth to each of their characters which helps enrich the overall storyline helps them from avoiding becoming the cartoon cut-outs that litter the other Batman films.

Director Nolan and Writer Goyer have woven a great tapestry for Batman, by going back to the beginning they are able to shed the garbage of the previous films and start fresh. They are very successful in creating a compelling back-story of a flawed hero trying to overcome his fears and failures, attempting to help the helpless. They also have created a very interesting city in Gotham that is on the verge of collapse as the criminals have the reins of control and the cops are helpless to do anything (or are paid of not to).

The only flaw in this film revolves around the character Rachael Dawes played by Katie Holmes. The character added as childhood friend of Bruce Wayne and possible love interest seemed to be tacked on and didn't add anything to the story. Also Katie Holmes failed to add anything to the character giving me the impression any C-List starlet could have done better.

In conclusion I am happy to say that the past has been purged, we have a real Batman and I look forward to the future of the franchise.


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