Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Down By Law - 4.5 out 5

Having become a fan of Jim Jarmusch through his last few films I felt is was time to start looking back at some his older films so I decided rent Down By Law. I must say that once again he has impressed me in providing a stylish, funny, yet simplistic film that is very cool.

The story is pretty simple with two slackers named Jack & Zack (Lurie & Waits) who get set up and end up in a jail cell together with an Italian who speaks little English (Benigni) and their escape from that cell. The interaction between the three characters is the meat of this film and all three actors do a brilliant job handling it with great chemistry between them providing great laughs.

Jim Jarmusch stamp is all over the visual styling and pacing of this film. The B&W is used the great impact similar to his film Dead Man giving a very surreal feel. The thin plot moves slowly letting you soak in the beautiful shots and really get enjoy the character interaction which as I have said is the true centre of this film. This is a film for true fans of independent cinema but may be deemed as "slow" or "dull" by the regular movie going crowd.


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